Our Principles

Mission Statement:
“To strive to always be strengthening our clients' trust through good stewardship, integrity and honor – one client at a time.”
Vision Statement:
“To work to grow the intellectual capital of the practice in order to help our clients achieve their goals and their objectives.”

Business Philosophy:
“To protect our reputation by complying with the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct which requires us always to place the client's interest first, to maintain independence and objectivity and to serve with integrity and honesty.”

Investment Philosophy:
“To seek undervalued securities around the World with the desire of selling them when they become overvalued.  Our focus is to potentially maximize the opportunity in every corner of our clients' portfolios with our disciplined investment process.”

Leadership Philosophy:
"Lead by example.  Leadership is being able to solve problems, but also anticipate problems.  When we set goals, we have to be honest with ourselves – what sacrifices are we willing to make, what skills and talents do we need to achieve our dreams.”